GoldShield South Africa


Wrestling Tournament

We had a large wrestling tournament this past weekend (38 schools, over 500 matches) and we treated all the mats and locker room areas with Goldshield before the tournament. We posted signs advertising using Goldshield on the mats and in the locker rooms and had a few coaches and parents ask about the product. I gave them a brief explanation and your website. Our AD commented today on the smell, or lack of smell, in the gym during and after the tournament. There was a definite difference in smell this year compared to last year’s tournament and we had many more wrestlers this year.

Jeff K. / Cleveland Clinic – Sports Medicine Group

Yoga Instructor

My name is Renee, and I’m a yoga instructor. I have been using the Goldshield 75 spray cleaner for the past month at the three yoga studios I work at, and we all love the product! At yoga studios, especially at hot yoga studios, it’s vitally important to thoroughly clean the floors, mirrors and yoga mats often . The Goldshield 75 spray cleaner has been proving very effective in cleaning the studios, and especially in eliminating any smells from the floor and mats that can arise from the constant use. Everyone I work with is very pleased with the product! It dries fairly quickly, so isn’t a slipping hazard, and the fact that it is still working after it dries for over a month is such a plus that I will continue to use this great product and encourage others to do so to!

Renee R. / Yoga Instructor

Textile Manufacturers

We are a textile manufacturer and finisher. Our company, through our garment manufacturing client, participated in an extensive multi-year evaluation by the Department of Defense on the Goldshield treatment of certain confidential textiles. These were compared to other antimicrobial treated materials and the DOD elected the Goldshield products above all others, and we were awarded a three-year contract to produce these materials with the Goldshield antimicrobial. It is the best we have experienced in 30 years of business, is easy to use and apply and safe to store.

Joseph G. / Owner in Carolina Cotton Works/DOD Supplier