GoldShield South Africa


The Goldshield chemistry developed by these scientists was brilliant and unique because it solved all the deficiencies that had eluded the best chemists in the world for 30 years. 

Goldshield today is the world’s only patented, water stable, functioning organosilane that:

  • has been fully stabilized in water, therefore will not self-condense
  • uses no acids or other solvents
  • is non-flammable
  • is water-based and odorless
  • does not leach so forms a long-lasting covalent bond
  • has a long in-bottle shelf life typically over a year and a half
  • is very easy to apply via a traditional spray bottle
  • is economical because a single application provides up to a 30-90 day “invisible” protective shield inhibiting bacteria an dfungi that cause odor, staining or discoloration.

Residual Effect

The real difference is the fact that after an application of Goldshield, it continues to protect for a significantly longer time than others in the market. In fact, one application of Goldshield Hand Sanitizer has been tested and proven to protect up to 24hrs after application. The surface protectants will remain active for 90 days, meaning applications are less but far more effective compared to alcohol-based solutions.